How do I make my own server?

I want to rent a server from a hoster site but other than paying the money I have no idea what is involved. I want a DarkRP server with Wire, SBEP, Stargate, and maybe a few smaller addons, how do I set any of this up? Is there any website that explains everything I would have to do? Usually I can just figure this stuff out but I want to have an idea before I start forking over money.

You might want to buy one first before trying to install addons. And every host is differant, you would have to contact them.

its as easy as downloading the addons, and puttin them in the folder addons on your server. but FYI you arent going to get many players, most people who still play DarkRP play on bigger servers like noobonic or D3(D3 being The D3vine, you can find their servers here ).

Take a friendly note.

Don’t host a DarkRP server. Better host a fretta, or TTT, or something else, but not DarkRP. Open your server browser, sort servers by gamemode, and you will see a FUCKING TON of DarkRP servers.

Try being original.

So a DarkRP server full of addons that are non-RP. Please be original. Either do a serious RP, or a different server all togeather. I recommend TTT, or Sandbox. Those are among the people’s favorites.

I really dont care to much about the “RP” aspect. Just something more than building to do.

Then host a fretta server.

Try TTT.

He can make a DarkRP server if he wants.

Theres also nothing wrong with that gamemode just the players.

Yeah, we know, its just that no one wants to see another rp server added to other thousands of rp servers.