How do i make my own skin

How do i make my own skin the make it hexxed so it doesnt replace any thing?

Hexing Tutorial:

For making skins you’ll need a program such as GIMP or Photoshop (Look them up) and there’ll be tutorials for them if you look.

What are you planning on making?

idk what yet but thank you for the hexxing tutorial

np :slight_smile: hope it helps you do what your attempting :smiley: (when you know what that is :P)

thanks and im thinking about making some thing like a robot or some thing like a money but it wouldnt have a tail

wh -what? what model are you planning to make this skin on? as far as I know theres no model of a robot monkey in half life 2.

skinning is easy depending on what you’re making, but a skin is the textures on a model. not the model itself.

can i use

I wish we still had the modelling tutorial like back in 07.
Made by that guy with the flashing avatar.

is GIMP free if so can you post a link or if photoshop is free post a link to that aswell


never mind i found it