How do I make my own SVN?

What the title says… I’m converting my custom content (Cars, Props, and player models) over to GMod now (From CS:S) and I want to host a SVN for players to download from. I have my own website so I can put it on there. Is that all I need to do or is there a way that I can make the website read from my computer whenever I make changes to it?

Also, do I need to .bz2 files on the SVN to make them dl faster?

Converting them to .bz2 would just mean people would have to unzip them on the other side.

Ok so not doing that… Do I just gotta constantly be uploading the files every time I change something?

If you have only webspace, you can’t host Subversion repositories. Subversion requires a Subversion server, either as a stand alone server application or as an Apache 2 module.

Maybe you should learn what SVN is before using it.


I think that she (he? sorry) knows what SVN is - but never learned the background of it.

I believe Google Code and Sourceforge do SVN hosting for free.
Googleing “SVN Hosting” will yield good results, as there are many places that offer this service.

Sourceforge should provide free svn hosting, as sourceforge provides free everything-hosting

Edit: Preconditioned that you do not intent to upload a trillion terabytes to your svn.