How Do I make my Rust server more populated?

Hello All, good morning to you all. I have recently brought a rust server and there are many people joining the server but there isn’t any regulars. I would love suggestions on what you would want in a server. Any ideas welcome :slight_smile: to make you stay and build the community

Learn the game mechanics well, use mods to balance the game as desired, do not spawn in items for pvp / would recommend not spawning in anything unless absolutely necessary for multiple reasons.

#1. players see admin abuse or what appears to be admin abuse in their eyes and they hightale to the next server.

#2. if you die or get raided with lots of spawned in stuff and it gets into the wrong hands, you will have to wipe or ban.

Be persistent. We have been in the list for 3 months and are currently within the top 70-80 on I would recommend using that site, it helps.

Hosting a rust server is like dating a bipolar woman, it has it’s ups and downs, both in player numbers and plugin problems. Be happy if you can go a few days without your mods shitting out or crashing your server.

Be active, and remember, hosting a server is not about getting as many players as possible, it’s about keeping the right ones together so more fun can be had.

You have good players, you will have a good server. Remove the trolls that wreck your server and make your player base rage quit.

Rule with an iron fist.

Good luck.

p.s. i wont advertise, but our server is the one around page 7 8 or 9 with the most eye popping banner on


Thanks for the info man, it helps. (Ps no advertisement but heres ours XD

My experience:

I was co-owner of a Vanilla server which went super awesome for like 2 weeks.
What did we do:

  • Active admin(s)
  • Starting the server with 9 people (or more)
  • Vanilla server
  • Advertisement on FacePunch
  • No abuse (wasn’t even playing myself)

So it all went well, we had between 50-70 people online, and on regular times around 30

The thing that went wrong was: We encountered groups taking over, so people left the server
so we had around 25(ish) people. I decided to wipe the server, so everyone has a fair chance again

cry > leave as usual.

Most people didn’t mind, they where fine with it. But because of some error with the server we had to wipe again. And well obviously people left. I’d do the exact same, then we gave up since the thing is.

Being an admin is fun and stuff, but it’s not re paying at all. You work your ass off yet people complain about you. If you want to simply PvP for a hour or so people cry and say that you abused. (got the guns from a team and stuff)

I was TP"ing to people randomly to see if they’re doing anything wrong. People cried
“Yeah why do you TP, you just abuse”

Even though i wasn’t playing the game, only PvP time to time (walking around the Island is fun, but eventually gets boring since there isn’t alot to do as admin)

Hopefully it helped you a bit, just keep in mind to do what’s best (atleast what you think is best)

Listen to the community but be prepared for alot of crying and accusing.

Thanks for the information, please check out to see if there is anything people would want on a server to want to join and stay :slight_smile: