How Do I Make My Server Appear Under a Different Directory?

So recently me and a few friends have made a HL2RP server, using Nutscript. We need to be able to make it so we are listed under Clockwork, that way we can actually have new players. You used to just change the file name, but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. is it still possible to do it in any way?

That’s misleading players on what gamemode they are playing.

Nutscript and Clockwork are pretty much identical down to a few voice commands and admin commands. I mean they both are the same gamemode, HL2RP. It’s like the difference between two DarkRP servers.

Not at all. Read the code; just because they have similar “features” doesn’t mean they are the same. Not to mention Clockwork is a paid gamemode so you are stepping into legal waters there.