How do I make my server start on a map with default gamemode?

The title says it all, but I’ll repeat it for all of you who dont read title’s.

I am about to put up my server that has been under extream developent. I need a autorun code that will make it so when my server starts up, it switches to-starts on a map. That is on the server of course.

Also, PLEASE state if the map name needs the “.bsp” at the end of it.

Thanks for you’re help ahead of time!

No .bsp needed, use the Command Line Changer to add a default gamemode and/or map. :3:

Where do I find the file that contrains that? I use a hosting servise. On the control panel it lets me see that file but I can not edit it. Please help me out! Thanks!

isn’t there usually some console command you can use with hosting services like…


+sv_defaultgamemode gamemode in the command line you use to start your server.

This isnt at all what I asked for except for Moja’s comment. Please give me a code that I can put anywhere to make the server start on a MAP that I enter. NOT A GAMEMODE… I ALREADY HAVE A GAMEMODE SET WITH THE SETTINGS… If you dont know a code please send me the name of the file that is in the ftp for the command line changer if there is one. Thanks…

+map gm_construct

Something like that I think, it’s been ages since I’ve worked with a DS.


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