How do I make myself owner in ASSmod?

How do I make myself owner in ASSmod?

Thanks, Duelincheese

EXTREAMLYBIGSIGH Read the readme, always read the readme, the readme will explain all your problems.

Owner of server?

enter in console when connected through Rcon: ASS_setownership “id”

the ID is in front of your name in the server console in between <>, I can’t tell you which one you are :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t wanna have to go into console with my rcon everytime i go ingame and set it so i am owner and everytime one of my friends joins they dont have admin anymore o.O when i already gave it to them through notepad and the ass menu.

ok that’s weird, it should save your settings, it does for me tho :o

Assmod_giveownership “your name”

i know. my ASSmod wasnt working right. i figured it out thanks guys!

wait, its supposed to save? can you tell me how you fixed it?

I installed a lower version of Assmod and then reinstalled the newest one. And wallah it worked :smiley:

ok thanks :slight_smile: 2.20 is the newest assmod, correct?

Nope. 2.30.

Allright :smiley: ty

np :smiley:

Where to download 2.30?

Cant find 2.30 lol

There isn’t one, those are retards putting shitty plugins into assmod then they up the version number.

The most current release would be the one I uploaded to best represent what Assmod is and not some shitty admin mod with half broken plugins.


You can tell if something is a legitimate release if it has proper or at least near proper grammar.

This is an example of one that does not.

I got the wrong version once, and it didn’t come with the writer. Every time, I had to remake myself owner.

I ended up getting fed up and decided to get assmod straight from the facepunch forums.
It works perfectly now.

ok i understand how to give ownership using command but when i try to do it it comes up with access denide each time what am i doing wrong