How Do I Make NPCs Respawn?

Can anyone answer this? There are ton of inputs regarding NPCs but none of them seem to be able to reset the NPC to it’s original position on the map, alive and intact. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen enemies respawned using various output devices on several different maps. Thank you to anyone willing to help me out.

point_templates I do believe.

NPC_Template_Maker. But I reckon Point_Template could work as well.

I’d go for NPC_Template_Maker, sounds like it’s actually exactly for what you’re going for.

It is.

“Used for spawning clones of particular template NPCs when triggered, either to provide enemies for an ambush or to replace killed enemies in a standoff-type situation. For a simpler version which doesn’t use template entities, see the npc_maker entity, or alternatively see the point_template entity which is more suited for spawning an entire squad into the appropriate positions.”

The npc_maker entity seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you.

No problem. :smile: