How do I make NPCs wander/roam around?

Fresh GMod install
Core2Quad q6600
hl2, ep1/2, tf2, portal

Is there a way to spawn an NPC and instead of them standing there, they just wander around? If you spawn a zombie and a rebel and they’re not line of sight, they just stand there and its boring. :frowning:

I looked for an addon to do this and didn’t see anything. Maybe I’m retarded.


It needs to be pre-defined in the map properties for citizens to randomly wander.

Zombies do it because that’s their default AI.

thanks for the info. how hard/is it even possible to edit a map?

think that should work

You could decompile it (which generally screws everything up).

that addon is bugged like crazy though.

yes it is. i just tried it and it was being weird :-/

What do you mean? When I decompile a map into a vmf and back to a bsp everything is fine.