How do i make people download models?

When i join custom servers, i’m able to see their custom models, sounds etc. but when someone joins my server they see errors and doesn’t listen the custom sounds. What should i do to make them download the models?

Help me please i believe it’s a simple console command…

You have to resource.AddFile your custom content. There was an app that could do that for you, let me see if I can find it.


resource.AddFile in Lua, that is


Uh, I dunno. It was Kogitsune’s anyway, try PMing him for the resource generator?

Thank you dude, but in what lua should i do it? lua/autorun/server.lua something like that but i don’t remember where, or on some addon lua


Replace <something> with anything, for example custom_models.

Didn’t worked… they download a bunch of models but everything is invisible/errors

My fault i forgot to add the .vmfs :stuck_out_tongue: but one of the models is still invisible for some reason…