How do I make people register in-game?

Hello, I’m making a new perp2.5 server.

So I have just set up my new SMF2.0 RC5 website, and I heard there is a way for players to register from server. Can someone tell me how I can do this? if it is even possible.

It’s already built into the gamemode I believe, PERP always made you register when you joined.

But there have to be a type of file I need to edit on my website and server.

It’s built as when you register it adds the information (Username and Password) to the same SQL database as your SMF is in. Simple as that.

But, how will my server know why website? my server has nothing to do with it, all I have is a sql host for my server, which I’m sure there is something do with it connecting to my website.

You have one database. The database is connected to your gamemode, and your website. When the player hits submit in-game, it will store the username and password in the database, which can also be accessed from the website.

I have a webhost which is from then for my gamemode which is connected to is from

You will want to connect your gamemode with your website’s database.

Eh, this is why people say that you shouldn’t create a PERP 2.5 server without knowing how.

I know I’m being kinda noob on this post but, how do I connect my websites database to my gamemode? I have a SQL is there anyway I can make it gonna threw that?

You can have your gamemode connect to that one with a mysql module you dl for gmod. You just need to enter the right fields in the DB for the gamemode to save.
If your website already has a database, then just connect your gamemode to it.

That’s exactly what we keep telling him.

what Mysql module? can you tell me were it is located?

You have to download a module for GMod. There are quite a few. I don’t know exactly where to download them, but one is tmysql.

XMathew, I can help you with it. PM me your Steam username.

I don’t want to sound like a douche here, but if you can’t set the gamemode up yourself, good luck running it.

Yeah, that’s true Drew, you’re right, but I know that OP doesn’t care about our opinion, but whatsoever.

Can someone help me fill this out at least?

if isDedicatedServer() then
tmysql.initialize(“”, “mpthraud_PerpUsr”, “ih78}%&6hCs1r(y]”, “mpthraud_perp2”, 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE
tmysql.initialize(“”, “game”, “game”, “pd”, 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE

if isDedicatedServer() then
    tmysql.initialize("", "game_server", "DNoceC9GurH4SpteN310tpKzWqBD13PIoGgkN6FvRQ5m0G344q", "pd_gmod", 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE
    tmysql.initialize("", "game", "game", "pd", 3306, 2, 2) // CHANGE THIS LINE

Syntax is: host/ip,username,password,database,port

I can’t get this to work, I need someone to help me. Add me on steam if anyone is willing to help me, m_a_t_h_e_w.