How do I make players spawn with inventory swep.


I run a darkrp server that I really need to know how to add an inventory tool to the players weapons when they spawn. please help I have looked everywhere. By the way I understand Lua at a basic level. so dont be afraid to step up.

Thanks for reading.

hay do u know how to creat modles and maps i have an idea 4 1 baced on a movie but not constricted to it

What at above post.
I wouldnt know, probably something like Add or something with Add in it.

Download this: , read the instructions on
Then go to your DarkRP gamemode folder, open hints.lua and paste this WITH THE EDITS I TELL YOU TO MAKE after the final hint:
elseif (hint == <number after the last hint’s number>) then
PrintMessageAll(HUD_PRINTTALK , “Type this in console, bind <key> +inventoryaddonmenu, so you can use the inventory!”)

Also, the pocket swep can be enabled/disabled in the DarkRP F4 admin menu.