How do I make props for Gmod?

i have no idea how to make prop and how to git the program for it.

and sorry for the mess up on the topic

First of all,Don’t make your title in all caps.To make models for Garry’s mod,You need to download a modeling program.3Ds max is a popular one for Gmod modeling.

and how/where can i find that?

You have to pay for it.

is there 1 that’s free? and that’s not a trial

Not that I know of, I am sure google could point you in the right direction… and I mean that sincerely, because I don’t know of any free programs. I would suggest downloading 3DS Max with uTorrent.


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ok thanks

XSI Mod Tool, there’s a link to it in the SDK.

Don’t do what he said, that’s illegal.

We frown upon that here.

Instead, just get a trial for now and buy it with money.

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3DS Max is a tool made for professional purposes as well as Maya.

And let’s be honest: what’s the point of getting an illegal version when:
-You don’t know anything about 3D.
-It’ll only waste harddrive space.
-You’re downloading illegal.

Start out with a basic, free program. I prefer Blender, due his easy interface. Then, learn learn learn, and one day, you’ll be able to afford 3DSMAX or Maya (or just stick with Blender), and you’ll be making models.

Don’t let the illusions blind you, modelling is NOT a ‘1-day’ job. It’ll probably take you months to learn.

I wish you good luck though.

This man.

He just said everything needed.

Amen to that, and I really am shocked he actually got a response with a stupid title like that.

Is Blender free and legal,and do I need other programs for it,such as the Valve Hammer editor to make models with it?

Blender is, indeed, legally free. Go to think that’s it) and download it right off their homepage.

Actually I got it for free. No torrenting or anything. I have connections to where I am sponsored by Autodesk, the manufacturers of 3DS Max. They gave me the software for free. Best part is… 100% Legal!!!

That’s what someone with an illegal copy would say…

Hmm, Timewarp, Offtopic.

With this XSI mod tool how easy is it to import into source? All my 3dsmax attempts at importing have failed.

The only way you’re going to ever get 3ds max is if you have a fat pile of cash that you have nothing to do with (think around $7000) or if you take some 3d animation class at a college somewhere and can get the student discount which makes it around $200-300. Even then it’s around $1000 with the cost of the class and materials.

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