How do I make ragdolls talk.

I heard that it involves a specific script. Can anyone help me with this, for I wish to use it in some movie making.

Are you referring to actually making npcs speak lines of dialogue?

If you are trying to make a movie, and want to make it seem like a certain ragdoll is talking - just put that sound file or dialogue into the video in the editing process.


or you can do that, I was gonna say that next

Looking sort of what is done in this video (when the heavy and medic are talking).

that video, to me, seems like the sound was thrown in during the editing and did not occur during the filming in game - especially seeing as most of it is stop motion

Isn’t there a tool in the SDK for this? I forget what it’s called, but I know there is one.

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It’s faceposer! I remembered it. I have no clue how to use it, but that’s what most people use.

Thats just good stopmotion, used with the in-game faceposer tool.

What a minute. Is he using faceposer, with vista?
I thought it didn’t work with the newer windows because of Microsoft speech SDK weren’t compatible.

You can still do it manually, plus max recently found one that works with windows 7 and vista.

Faceposer bro

Chek that link, looks like this guy made a script so the ragdoll move the lips.
does any1 have 1 of those scripts? in need 1 of those please.

i know how to use faceposer in SDK, but that thing is buged as hell, my .vcd files does not work in Gmod or even in games.


Well, I have a question.

How do you get them to play the faceposer scene in game? Is there a console command or do I have to map it in?

Console commands.

I tryed that (did not work), but im not sure if the problem i in the engine, i do not have the orange box SDK engine version, but i do have CS:S, TF2, DOD:S and Portal. i worked on the Source SDK 2009, but my .VCD files does not work at all in the game or Gmod.
What engine do you have Banana? if you succeed, let me know.


It would be great if i could get my hands on that script. I could make better music videos with that!

Faceposer isn’t a script. It’s a program.

in the source sdk

I know that… I mean the script to make the ragdoll talk while you can manipulate it’s arms legs and body with the physgun… -.-

I’m interested in this as well. I know how to animate npcs just fine, I’m curious about ragdolls and bind commands. I’d like to bind a key to chose a specific face poser position and bind another key to another position and then play them over and over to simulate talking without using SDK faceposer or stop motion.

For ragdolls i’d like a command to work like this
ex if I knew

bind key position 1
bind key position 2

if you have the command please don’t hesitate to let me know

I’m just thinking the script would involve in ent! fire <script> aiming at the ragdoll to make to able to play the vcd file then you ent fire your vcd file on it. Now it’s movable with the physgun while it loops the vcd file you specified.