How do I make roads curve?

Like in HL2, when you’re on one of those driving missions, the textures of the road turn with the geometry of the road.

For example, this mission.

The road texture doesn’t stay straight at the turn, it turns with the geometry. How is this done?

I find that to be an awful tutorial. I use displacements.

Pffft. Real men use models.

Real men carve the road shape from a sphere

Real men don’t need roads.

Real men don’t map.

Real men aren’t men.

real men create roads by carving a hollowed sphere thats power is set to 64

This thread is helpful.

All wrong, those roads are far too small. 384 is more fit for 2-lane comfortably

Real men use UDK. :smug:

Except that has nothing to do with Source mapping.

I hope that’s sarcasm because you’ll have a hell of a time doing it with displacements, going around a curve AND sloping down.

real men don’t jump on the :bandwagon:

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wait, fuck…

‘Raise To’, then every new row setting a new value and keeping it consistent
However I do not see the point if doing it with brushes saves much more time

Nice Video Tutorial from ‘WorldofLevelDesign’ on Youtube for Source SDK:

1/8 Basics, Intersections and Adding Realism Using SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

2/8 3-4 Way Intersections Using SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

3/8 Wide & Tight 90 Degree Curved Turns Using SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

4/8 180 Degree Turns Using SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

5/8 Curved Sloped Roads - SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

6/8 Blocking Roads Off with Brushes and Props - SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

7/8 Blocking Roads Off with Terrain - SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

8/8 Blocking Off Curved Sloped Roads - SourceSDK/AuthoringTools

Have fun!
btw: I LERNED MUCH!!! ;D

He spent 5 minutes explaining how displacements can be used on roads to raise up in the middle. :downs:

His techniques are very bland.

What kind of road is this?