how do i make some addons work with only different gamemode?

i have 2 prop protections that only work with different gamemodes(Cider, GMStranded), how do i make 1 of the prop protections work with cider, and the other work with gmstranded, while both stay in my server’s addon folder?
i need to do this so they dont collide and glitch up the entire server.
Thanks ahead of time(if i forget to reply, that happens)

Also, to the moditorators, not sure if i posted this in the right section, please move it if i did, i was in a hurry and i also though it goes here, so, just move it if i mis-placed it :stuck_out_tongue:

When playing stranded move one out, when playing cider, move the other one out.

Untested, but try putting this at the top of the init.lua and cl_init.lua of addons you don’t want to load for certain gamemodes (Of course simply moving out folders would probably be better, unless you switch gamemodes really often).
[lua]if gamemode.Get(“gamemode name”) then return end[/lua]