How do i make something underwater without water inside it?

Like say i wanna make a room underwater, How could i make it without water inside the room?

Clip the water brush until the shape you want is removed.

I’ve put some thought into this, in the past. Corky’s method works but has a number of aesthetic problems, such as that when below the underwater object, you’ll see an ‘under’ texture on the object. A way to fix this is to have the water clip into the object from below. Another way, which I think would be more effective for complex geometry, is to make a cheap water texture that has no refractive above/under textures, so it’s effectively invisible, but still acts as water, then to put that texture on the underwater top surfaces.

I think you’re overcomplicating it.

It didnt work for me…

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I tried that aswell…


Make a large brush out of nodraw which will be your water.

Clip the borders of the room that is “underwater” and remove the brush that is inside the room.

Texture the top face of the remaining water brushes as the water texture you want, and it could possibly work.

Shit, Sorry for derail

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On topic : I think cheap water (as said up there) with nodraw faces could do the trick.

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It depends on what you want to use it for. You’ll still get the bubbles if you shoot the pistol, and the fucked up sound. If you only want the slow physics, use a v_physics_motion trigger brush, and work out the settings to get a water like feeling. (Lots of drag and max_speed.)

Shit, Sorry for derail

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Yeah because particle water is easily rendered in real time. They should just bang in mesh water for shits and giggles and make it easily editable so you can change waves etc.

Make water, ctrl t, func_illusionary

Only works for certain circumstances though