How do I make spotlights more effective?

Okay, I’m almost literally at a loss when it comes to a problem I’ve been having in Hammer. I would cotinue attempting to fix it myself if I wasn’t getting so tired of three minutes compiling every five minutes ten times in a row with nothing fixed.

Here is a picture of my original lighting. I think the inner/outer angles were like 15/25 on the spotlights and the brightness was at about 70.

Seeing that this was too dark, I incrementally brought everything up. I ended up at about 1200 brightness with angles at 30/40, 50% falloff at 600 and 0% falloff at 3000. I also shortened the point_spotlight length but that’s beside the point.

I cannot see a difference. There is no discernible difference from raising the brightness 1700% and I can’t figure out why. Can anyone help me?

whenever I use light_spots I also make a low brightness light entity to give it some more fill light.
A brightness of 50 or less works good.

I’m not looking for fill light at the moment, I just want it to light the area it’s pointing at. I have spotlights pointing at walls well within its 50% falloff with 1200 brightness and the wall looks like it’s barely lit.

take off the 50% fall off.

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Or what you can also do is raise the constant to about 10000.

IMO those spotlights don’t look right in this map whatever you do with them. I’d just light it with windows or holes in the ceiling.

Windows don’t provide sufficient light and “hole in the ceiling” lights are pretty boring IMO.

Plus it’s my map so ha.

You gonna try my suggestion about the constant?

I did. I set the constant to 1000, removed both the 50 and 0% fallofs and turned the brightness up to 3000 and there’s still not really a change.

If you set the brightness to 3000 and can’t see a difference, then you must have done something really wrong.

And I am actually not even sure about what you want to do?

Right. I’m utterly stumped and haven’t the faintest clue why, that’s why I came here.

compile log.
maybe the lights are bugged and only 1 is actually doing anything

Also, consider using some regular light entities instead. Just place them in front of the light model and let them be kinda omnipresent in that room, relying on the light models behind them to cast shadow, creating the spotlight illusion.

So what do you actually want? Do you want the light_spots light cone to be more visible on the floor where it hits, or is the map too dark/bright? Is the point_spotlight too bright?

The biggest problem is that the map is too dark. For now I think I’ll use HidenMyst’s suggestion and just toy around with a single light entity but the idea situation is to the light to come from the spots. There is no problem with point_spotlight, at least, there are things going wrong but nothing that’s causing problems. When I turn the RenderFX down, it still seems to be drawing at full opacity.

The first thing I said in this thread was to add light entities to make it too bright, but that wasn’t what you were after?
And you cannot get realistic lightning from only light_spots. You would just about always need a secondary light source.