How do I make terrain?

I’m getting ready to make maps with really great looking terrain like on mountains. Here’s a picture of what I need help on making:

Just so you know, that’s just a pic taken off of a different map with my needs. This isn’t my map.

Use displacements. Read up on them, figure out what values due, blend textures, subdivision, preferred sizes, etc.

I think usually a displacement brush the size of 512x512 with a power of 3 or 2 is usually good.

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If you want to get more in depth with how to be more creative with them look up some tutorials, or ask Helsten, from what I recall he’s one of the best displacement mappers out there.

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If Helsten still posts around here that is…

Got it. Got a basic displacemented brush face. Thanks!

make sure you’re only selecting the face(s) you want to become a displacement. do not have the entire brush selected when you hit “create”, I did this when I started mapping and it turned out to be a huge mistake to make

Haha oh god this, I did that too. Your eyes would bleed if you looked underneath my displacements.

yep, especially with radial displacement editing on the sides of displacements, it looks fucking terrible from the sides