How do I make these ragdoll contraptions for a movie I'm making

I need these

Lui Kang Bicycle Kick
A GOOD punch
A ragdoll jumping

be creative with thrusters and constraints (and invisible stuff too)

for the jump i have an idea
weld his feet to the floor with force limit at 1000
pose his arms and stuff
use a hydrollic for the head
there ya go

Tried that. Tried that with no limit. Failed
By jump I mean Gmod Brawl: Niko vs Roman-ish

You mean where he jumps off the buildings? i dont think he used ragdolls for that…

And in the SUicide Mouse Survivelo guide. "So I’m just going to jump this fence…

oh, he did a custom animation in some 3d program the ported it to source sdk’s faceposer, were he then ported it to gmod