How do I make this door work?

Hey I was wondering, how do I make this door swing like a real door. I’ve tried phys_hinge and _ballsocket but it just stayed stuck in place, I used prop_physics_override and func_brush for the wall. Any ideas? Thanks in advance



Never mind guys :), it was stuck in place because the opening was too small. Because the door was slightly misplaced when I clipped the wall. It’s working perfectly now.

Because that’s how I always do it

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Yeah, But I wanted to make the door swing

I made a tutorial for that, but it’s in french.
However here’s the link :

Basicly, you have to place 2 phys_ballsocket where it’s supposed to rotate (the axe of rotation) and the door with a physic entity, like prop_physic or func_physbox.

Already got it, thanks though! :slight_smile:

You know that func_door_rotating makes the door swing? You are thinking of func_door.

No it doesn’t. It makes the door open.

He wants a physics swing, not a controlled swing.

Aah, now it get it.

It’s prop_door_rotating as the door is a prop.
Well that’s to make it act like a door.
No Idea about making it swing, Sorry.