How do I make ULX Commands silent to everybody?

I’ve searched all over and I can’t seem to find out how to do it. So how do I make ULX commands silent? Because every time I do something in !menu or xgui it says it in chat. How do I make them silent? :expressionless:

I would say you would have to edit the code so it doesn’t print to chat.

ulx logecho 0, find it in the ulx configs in data/ulx

If you’re talking about making the ! silent, then you should use concommands rather.

As Lerpaderp says, you can set the “ulx logEcho” cvar (in XGUI Settings->Server->ULX Log Echoes or via console) to one of these values as noted in the config file:

And yes, I think in order not to break anything with chat hooks, ULX by default will display any !chat message, except for a few specific commands. There is code you can change to make them silent, but, I can’t remember at the moment. I can look into it if anyone is interested.

Sorry if this is a bump but I’m interested in knowing more. Only for certain commands.
At the moment, if I do

!rcon ulx sslay *

then everyone sees my chat message, I’m okay with this. Admins also see

(SILENT) [my name] ran console command ulx sslay *

I’m okay with this too. By default anyone can see CEXEC commands and who ran it. For playsound and CEXEC I’d like only admins to be able to see that silent thing. How would I do this. Like can I have echo mode 2 for certain commands and echomode 1 for some?

In addition to this, everyone can see

(SOMEONE) silently slayed [person].

If everyone sees this it seems pointless for silent slay?