How do I make water?

Actually, does anybody know how I could create one part of the map that appears to have a different skybox than a different side?

Basically just try to picture this with your imagination, you’ve got a small little town in a small opening in between mountains; a little ticky tacky one.
Then you’ve got an opening and it has a path that leads along the base of the mountain and around, but you’ve got a fork in the road as well.
If you go left, you go to a different town. If you go right; then you go into a dark forest.

What my objective here is to get the forest to actually appear dark, like you’re standing inside of it and everything around you is darkness.
My first idea was just a black fog to surround, I haven’t tested it yet but right after this post that’s what I’m going to do!

Thanks for the replies, hope to get some good feedback and hopefully a solution!

Also: I plan on the map being on a GMod server so obviously multiplayer, so I’d be glad if you left out the ‘switching maps’ option. :slight_smile:

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why is your title about water but your question about something else

your post says 1 minute ago so theres no way you edited it from a water question

it’s obvious

he wants to make an entire town out of water

I think he used a title that is dumb to get peoples attention, then had his real question.

And no OP, you can’t have two skybox textures.

There has to be some sort of way to create an illusion of darkness, besides post processing. Maybe not even that; I’m not sure.

yeah its called shadows

go use them

Alright so I’ll have one side of the map lit, and the forest dark with shadows… Okay.

And how exactly do you propose I do that?

there is an entity called light, light_spot, and light dynamic. make the light_enviroment dark, and make one side of the map lit with lights, light_spot, or light_dynamic.

Colour correction.

Alright well thanks for the ideas everyone who helped.


Why would you ask this?

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