How do i make wav sounds loop?

I’ve unchecked “DO NOT LOOP” in ambient_generic, it still doesn’t loop

i’ve also tried making a script for soundscape, and it doesn’t loop

Do i have to enable looping of some kind in the wav file itself?

get goldwave (
open your sound file.
select edit (from tab)/cue point/edit cue points
click on “new…”
click “at start”, give it a name, and hit ok
reclick on “new…”
click “at finish”, give it a name, and hit ok
click on close
save your sound file

There is a tutorial on the developer wiki Here.

It also HAS to be a Wave audio file. MP3 sound files do not work.

OnFinish (or similar event)
Play [sound name]

There’s not outputs like that for ambient_generic or soundscapes

A work around: If you know how long the sound sample is, use a timer to play the sound again every time it’s finished.

I’ve gotten an MP3 to loop before, what are you talking about?

A little tip: Make sure the sound ends with the same dB level as it starts, thereby you remove the ‘clicking’ when it loops.