How Do I Not Break VTA/Facial Flexes When Scaling A Model?

I’ve recently given 3DS Max a go to modify/create models and export them to Source. I managed to download some SFM models and convert them to Garry’s Mod.

It has gone fine so far with adding physics and adjusting QC files. However there are some that are in the size of a TF2 model instead of a HL2 model.
I have tried using the World Scale Tool instead of adding a “scale” command in the QC, but they still end up with non-functional flexes.

Does anyone know of a solution to this?

There is only one plugin for 3DS Max to import VTA into the software IIRC - Wall Worm Model Tools(if you don’t have the MAX file with valid flexes or morpher modifier),but I don’t really recommend you to use it.
And VTA sucks,I highly recommend you to use DMX format to replace the combination of SMD & VTA format especially for a model with flexes.
Here is my solution - Using blender to import SMD and then VTA,scale the model then export it as DMX.

Thank you! I’ll try this method instead.