How do I open a game in 3D ripper as an administrator.

Just like the title says I trying to port from a game that NEEDS to be ran as administrator.

I have looked and looked and have found nothing.

Turn on global monitoring and then right click the game and run it as admin?

If you run the ripper elevated - shift right click run as admin - it should run the game as admin as well I think.

Alternatively I know someone made a program that let’s you run everything with a parameter to be run as admin. If you tack that after the exe in ripper it should start like that as well.

32 bit operating system only.

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Error for the file site.

Okay - so why don’t you switch to an admin account for it?

isnt enough to start ripper in admin mode ??

btw: a bit lame but try parameter /w

I got it guys all I had to do was run 3d ripper as an admin and it auto ran everything else as an admin.

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you were right wraith,