How Do I Open Ports to make an gmod server on a netgear router?

I’ve been dying to make a server but have not found one tutorial on how to make a server or open ports for Netgear. Please do not post random answer i need a little walkthrough or something please!!!

It might help if you tell us what router model you have.
Tell us the model and we can help you a lot faster (Heck I’ll even give you a walkthrough).

If you know what router you have, please go to:

Look for you router and then select the game for a full walkthrough.

“Netgear super wireless adsl router DG834GT”

There you can find how to port forward. ( Use other ports then the one for counter-strike, its just an example of a game, since garrysmod wasnt in the list ).

Create a service with the port/ports your going to use. Make sure to give it a good name.
Go into firewall rules, and create one. Select the name of the service you made, and your local ip (192.168.#.#) (find using ipconfig in cmd.exe)