How do I place updated ichthyosaur AI into EP2

I am currently working with a friend to make a small campaign for Episode 2. I am making a part that has a lake and wanted to put an ichthyosaur into it. I have seen updated AI in mods and GMod, but I have no idea how I could go about placing that into EP2. I am not sure that this is even possible, but if someone would be kind enough to help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: And before someone says search first, I have searched for about an hour now. I saw there is one thread on FP, but it never really tells how to go about doing it, only that they think it would be possible.

No dice… Best bet is scripted sequences or animations…

Or code a new NPC if your making an Ep2 mod.

I’m not good enough to code a new NPC. Thanks for the response however.