How do I play a game in my gamemode???

I’ve created a game mode using lua it’s in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\culixcupric\garrysmod\garrysmod\gamemodes\TeamBattle\gamemode

files are:


, now how do i use it, aka, play a game in that mode? do i have to make a map for it, or what?

I checked wiki
i checked google
i checked the search

and i found nothing that answers my question…

Yes, i know this is a stupid question. I’m just stumped as a tree.

and i did look at this:!

can someone just please help me?

Okay, what you need to do is check if you made a .txt file if you can’t find it, if you start it up and get errors paste them here with the
[lua]//codestoophhere[//lua] tags.

i can’t get errors if i can’t run it! and i’m trying to run the game mode…

how do i start up the game mode???

Start up Garry’s Mod and press the ‘Start New Game’ button, the menu that appears should look like this:

On the right side of the menu, press the wrench icon. You will see a dropdown box for selecting a gamemode, select your gamemode. Make sure you have a map selected as well, then hit either ‘Start Multiplayer’ or ‘Start Singleplayer.’ If you don’t see your gamemode in the list, make sure you have placed an ‘info.txt’ file in ‘/gamemodes/TeamBattle/’.

If you still can’t figure out, try reading this tutorial: **[Making Your First Gamemode](**

thanks, my gamemode isn’t showing up… i’ll try to figure it out…

Holy shit, I already said why! You need a .txt file, with shit like this:

	"name"	""
	"author_name"	""

i already figured it out, and it had that.

Your gamemode will run if it errors, just fuck everything up when it does.

You could also start a standard sandbox listen server and then use the changegamemode command.