How do I play multiplayer!??!

Hi I bought this game yesterday and it rocks!!! But for months I have watched people play online. Now I got it (gmod 10 im pretty sure) and I dont know how I’ve looked all over, but all I found was " what to do in multiplayer" or " fun in multiplayer" And I really want to play it! I know you guys do this all the time and I know I’m being a huge noob but I figured I’d have the experts tell me. :smiley: Oh I have Windows Vista and have counter strike source ( you probably didnt need to know that though). So I start the game up and I click " Play Multiplayer" and it come up to the “servers” page and all the tabs are empty! I know I probably have to do some thing to make servers pop up but when I hit “refresh” nothing shows up anywhere. Thanks!! -Bigrigger

Firewall by default blocks Gmod.

Goto firewall options in control panel and add an exception for C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/[username]/garrysmod/hl2.exe

I went there and it said already an exception… thx for the quick reply btw :smiley:

Restart Steam.

Also, make sure the list has finished refreshing. Does a little message pop up that says something like “No servers currently available”?

Sorry, I’m a noob how do you restart steam and no it doesn’t pop up. The bottum left corner where it says “refreshing” or something that message goes away and the button says “refesh all” again so I thought it was done.

Your router may be block the traffic in certain rare cases

So… what do I do? Thanks guys!!!

to restart you go up to top left corner and click file and change user then log in again. :slight_smile:

Follow what it saids in readme.

See if it helps.

File is safe, it’s from a steam support support page. (masterserver file)