How Do I Port Killing Floor Into CS:S?

I’ve been looking for threads in the net and none of them were releasing killing floor weapons into CS:S
since i’ve wanted to port the desert eagle from killing floor, how do i do it?

If I remember right, only like, 2 or 3 people have managed to port stuff from KF, everyone else gave up
I might be confusing the game with something else though

Wow…didn’t know that porting from KF was very complexed…
Anyways, thanks for the information though, are they from facepunch?
Maybe i could ask them for the models though :smiley:

Well, get unreal model viewer ( fallow the instruction to export the models, after that use milk shape 3d or 3d max + psk plugin to import the models. So that’s all you need to know, the rest is basic rigging/hacking the model to the other (existing css) skeleton. You can use the default animations from killing floor but that’s a bit more complicated.

The KF developers have ported some of the models themselves: