How do I port models from cod mw2 into gmod?

Hey, I was wondering if you someone could help me port models from mw2 into gmod. I have mw2 models that I exported from a tool called lime witch allows you to export model’s from mw2 in many different format’s and I the model in maya and I was wondering how do I port mw2 xmodels into gmod? Also btw don’t get this mixed up with player model, I mean model as in like a prop/object

  1. Get model itself (Which you seems to have done)
  2. Based on what formats you have: choose program to use: 3Ds Max, Blender etc…
  3. Import it into to program you chose.
  4. Do edits, fix textures or smoothing groups.
  5. Export to .smd
  6. Compile.

That’s a quick description.

I can already export them as a .smd and how would I compile ? Also if you have skype that would be more useful

You need to write QC file like this:

$modelname “where/to/compile/modelname.mdl”

$bodygroup “Body”
studio “model_body.smd”

$cdmaterials “path/to/textures”

$surfaceprop “prop”

$contents “solid”

$sequence idle “model_body” loop fps 15
$collisionmodel “collision_of_your_model.smd”
$mass 3.0 // Mass in kilograms

that’s for compiling.

Besides that, you also need to make sure path where you are compiling model already is created (folders), and you need to convert all textures of model to .vtf and write .vmt files for them.

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And to compile, I personally use GUIStudioMDL

Remember when I say model I mean like model as in a object for example a trash can

[editline]11th January 2015[/editline] where do I go once I go to config ep1 tool, like what folder do I select ?

I have an error. When I open studioMDL 2,2/Source and than I go to config than Set EP1 Tools Path… After that I go to where I suppose to go to SourceSDK\ep1\bin\bin and than I get an error saying

"Game information could not be found in the “gameinfo.txt” file.
The game/mod can’t be added to the selection list.?

how do I fix that?

Get the new sourcesdk 2013 and use that path instead.

“Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer” ? that tool or what?

The main issue is trying to actually export the models from MW2 in the first place.

Converting the format to another format is the easy part.

How? there is lots of people who ripped mw2 models using the tool lime and porting it to gmod?

are you wanting that solider models? because there are alot better looking ones out there already in gmod!

naw yo, I’m not porting a ragdall or player model. Porting a prop model. Porting the humvee and what ever else I feel like

Ohhh ok that was my first thought. they might be useful though.

So does anyone know how to fix this issue?

So does anyone know ?

I have a model I want to port to the workshop can anyone help

This thread is almost 2 years old, why did you bump it?
And what model do you want?

Its an MMD I Have of Setsuna F seiei and I need it in the work shop so we can bein animation do you know how to port mmd models into the Sfm worshop

This thread is for MW2, why are you talking about MMD?

I’m just asking anywhere I can and well the thread talked about models so I’m just posting where ever I can I’m just that desperate again can you help me