How do I port models from milkshape to Garry's mod?

So I have a model I have ported from the sims 2 in milkshape. It is T-posed and I am wondering how I can put this model into Garry’s mod. Can I have some assistance please?

Same way as you port it from any other program.

First, you need to get an SMD exporter for your program. Use it to export the model as an SMD. Sadly I do not know any tools for milkshape, someone else is going to have to fill in there.

Once you have your model as an SMD, you will need to create a .QC file to compile it.

Once your model is compiled, you will need to convert the textures into .VTFs. I recommend using VTFEdit for this. Once you have the VTFs, you will have to write a VMT file to make those VTFs usable.