how do i port vehicles from a gta game for gmod?

i wanted to port a couple of vehicles from gta4… how do i do this?

I don’t believe this is possible because GTA4 is not a Source game. Did you check to see if someone has re-created the vehicles?

Hence the term “Port” :downs:

do you know how?

Do the same as I did to WoW models, find a program by ALOT of googling, turn them into a .OBJ, which every model program can read, import textures, re-compile, done. I did this with alot of WoW models.

Are you requesting the default vehicles or the custom model ones?

There is a really big difference, custom ones being way more cool than default.

But harder at the same time, there are also default model hacks, which are parts from other cars mixed, that is easier