How do I prevent admins from changing gamemode and or levels?

My admins have been changing levels I need this to stop.

what gamemode and admin mod do you run

  1. Restrict their group from changing map
  2. Why do you have multiple maps your admins can change to in the first place? (Unless whatever game mode you’re running needs it.)
  3. Get new admins that dont do this kind of bullshit

Looks like you made the wrong people admins.

It’s darkrp no admin mods how to I restrict them from doing this? I’d like the super admins to be able to change levels but not the admins.

I didn’t think anyone actually used the default darkrp admin menu… You should take a look at ulx.

You’re running a server why? If you have no clue what you’re doing, you’re wasting your time.

Use ulx. Better group sysytem. You can create custom groups. Modifiy permission. Awesome.