How do I Prevent Losing Overlays when fiddling with brushes?

I have lots of overlays on my func_details and occasionally I lose them all when messing around with my func_details and I have to re-pick their faces one by one in order to get them all back.

Is there a way to make sure they are never lost?

Also I’m sure I don’t have 240000 brush face in my map. Is there a way to reduce this to a more reasonable number? The number seems to keep going up everytime I lose my overlays.

as far as i know, you can’t do anything about the overlays. every time you split/create a brush, the resulting brushes are assigned new IDs accordingly.

i think you can reduce brush faces by nodrawing them, but don’t quote me on that.

Nodraw doesn’t remove faces, it just causes the engine not to draw them. The compiler removes unnecessary faces at compile time.

Only real way to deal with the overlay issue is to not apply any until you’re basically done with your brushwork. They should be closer to the last things you add anyway, unless you have some that are very important for some reason.

If they simply disappear, pressing Ctrl+B makes it appear again.
If you split faces with a tool, you need to re asign the faces.