How do I put a car model I made into gmod With textures?

How do I put this car model I made into Garry’s Mod With Textures?

I am going to make car addons, so If i need to add anything to drive this car in gmod (Not Welding this to a Car), tell me

Here is a picture of it (It is a test model)

Can someone give me a step by step tutorial (maybe video) on how to make a car model for gmod?

  1. Export as an smd
  2. Write a qc
  3. Compile (Crowbar is my favorite)
  4. Make textures into VTF and VMT (VTF Edit is the best tool)
  5. Put everything in appropriate files (garrysmod/addons/<any name>/ [then either] materials/models/<name> [or] models/<name> )

Each step above has some keywords you can google, and Im sure there’s detailed guides and videos and wiki pages for each step. For reference: it took me about a month to learn every step and put together my first compiled model

I’d recommend reading the Valve Developer Wiki as it covers a lot of the important details for exporting models which you will need to know before trying to do something as complicated as a vehicle.

An overview of creating a model and getting it into the game:

Some Vehicle Specifics:

The way I learned to make vehicles was basically to examine the models valve had made, like the HL2 Buggy and reverse engineer them. I pulled apart their .qc files and found out what parts were responsible for animating the model, what parts were for the physics etc.

As for your steam message I would love to make a proper video tutorial but right now it’s very difficult to find the time, especially since I’ve now got a job. Once the training is over I may have a better idea of how much time I can spend on this. I shall be finishing the Pontiac Grand Am first and releasing it before I get side tracked with any other jobs.

What I really need to do is actually break down the whole process again and re-learn a few things since I’m actually quite out of practice, it’s been a long time since I last rigged a vehicle from scratch.