How do i put a gun on a NPC/Prop?

I spawned an NPC, and chose the pistol that the NPC should be spawned with. The problem is, when i spawned G-Man, he didn’t have any weapon, beside his briefcase.
And when i tried that on the prop, the weapon wouldn’t go in his hand.
Please, help?

he probably did have a weapon but it was most likely in his suitcase I think the command to remove it was ent_fire !picker ent_bodygroup 1 needs sv_cheats set to 1 though

go spawn a turret from toolgun and shoot it at the PROP you want it to stick to. Doesn’t stick? use Weld - Easy.

for an npc, there should be a drop-down menu somewhere in the NPC spawn selection menu that originally says “no weapon” or something like that. not all npcs can have weapons, though.

OK Thanks guys. If i have anymore problems i’ll post here :slight_smile:

Some npcs cant use guns…