How do I put a .max file into Garry's Mod?

Yo, i found a really rad knife on FpsBanana, but it’s a .MAX file. How do I put this in Garry’s mod? and How do I make a .VTF and .VMT for it?

Export it as an .smd in 3dsmax.
Make a .qc for it. etc. etc.

Use vtfedit to make vmts and vtfs

I wouldnt trust FPSBanana… I heard the viruses are STILL on there.

Download the MAX Exporter and StudioCompiler

Install Source SDK in the Tools tab of Steam and run it at least once.

Export your knife as an SMD.
Open StudioCompiler and browse for your SMD file.
Tick “Use Reference SMD” for collision model.
Click Compile.
Take a piss while you wait for it.

Open all your knife textures and save them as TGA files.
Open StudioCompiler again but go to the Material tab.
Click Add and add all your TGA files in.
Click Compile

Go to Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Folder > HL2MP > Models > find your model files (there are about 5 or 6) and copy them to GarrysMod > GarrysMod > Models

Same for Materials > Materials

Run Gmod

Click Browse on the Spawn Menu and find your model