How do i put custom npcs in my map?

hello, i made an information desk lady and i want to put her in my map but the problem is each time i put a point entity in my map and i call it my npcs name ( you know, like in the wiki tuto for entitys ) but each time i go on my map, its an error, even though when i spawn the npc normally, its not.

can anyone help me please?

How are you putting it in?

well, i place a point entity like info_player_start or something and then i open it and where it says WHAT it is i change that to the name of my npc like i would do for any entity, and for a while when i used my information desk lady ( that was a policeman) that was an anim based entity and had no value what so ever but now i am using an snpc i made, it doesnt work, any ideas?

thanks in advance

So it’s a SNPC, and not an NPC?


If it’s a SNPC, spawn any old NPC, put it in the place you want, then find the name of the entity and enter it in the name of the NPC.

like spawn an alyx, and where it says npc_alyx i change that to my snpc?

also, if my snpc is called sent_shoplady and not snpc_shoplady or snpc_shoplady will that effect the outcome?

Nope. I think that works.

I’ve done that with the harmless companion cube. Shit’s scary :ohdear:

thanks, this worked :smiley: what i am making is like a map with my snpc in it that displays the motd and news AND NOW IT WORKS THANK YOU!!!