how do i put my own models into the game?

how do i put my own models into the game? like model replacement, and player models and stuff like that?

That takes knowledge of the Source SDK, I think.

dosnt help!

Getting your own model into the game is called compiling. If you have a model and texture, the next step is finding an .smd exporter for whichever program you’re using for modeling. After you export your reference and animations, you’d write a .qc, then just copy everything over to garry’s mod. That’s very oversimplified of course, but in a nutshell it’s what you’d need to do. There’s plenty of tutorials that can help you through the process.

Making a player model is slightly more difficult. You need to play with weighting vertices to the Valve biped skeletal structure. From there on, it’s pretty much just compiling, though. You don’t need to make your own animations.

well thanks your A LOT more help then the last guy, lol.

You do need to put the right animations into the QC for player models.

I would suggest you read the Valve Wiki. Pretty much anything you need to know about the process of making your own models and materials for Source is in there. Well, except the actual creation part. For that, you need to read tutorials for different applications such as 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.

If I were you, I would read some tutorials for 3D Max (Max has a 30 day trial you can try), create a model, learn to UV Map it, texture it, and then read the Valve wiki to learn how to get it ingame. It seems like a lot all at once, but if this is something you want to get into, it becomes second nature.

Here you go, read it and you shall understand.