How do I raid a base that destroys their stairs or uses the elevator glitch?

So me and my friends started to play rust again and LOVE IT. But when we tried to raid some bases we ran in to trouble, People would remove their stairs or what we learned today was elevator glitch to their top floor… how do we raid a base that does that?

I always just go for the throat and if I come across that, I blow all their foundations so the whole thing comes down. They want to play dirty then so do I :slight_smile:


Rockets, lots of rockets :expressionless:

Yeah unfortunately you’ve run into the current go-to strategy for base defense. The only real way to counter it is to guess where the cupboard is and blow it up with rockets, or C4 all the foundations to destroy it all.

I hope they add more defensive features before they fix those “exploits”.

Add grappling hook or rope ladder to counter this.

I have done this with some friends… instead of blowing all there doors down to get to there loot room, we decided to take down all the foundations, which we did… but jokes on us when the base just floated there… but luckily taking down one of there foundations was were there cupboard was so we were able to build up and get in and pick away…

They really need to fix this glitch already. The whole stability system is a joke as long as this exists.

Joke is only on you until the server restarts, when it initializes it’ll rerun the stability checks and remove the base and I think it’s impossible to “line up” new foundations to an existing floating structure

Elevator is for amateurs. Go find a better base to raid. Getting up can be difficult but try breaking floor planels or other walls that might lead to the tool cupboard so you can build up as well. Also, look for things you can jump up with- toolcupboards, furnaces, repair benches (this one is difficult but it is possible). If you can break something to see the cupboard them its easy enough to shoot it out and that’s usually 90% of the battle.

Elevator is fair for solo players, clans however should not use it.

It goes both ways, though. Elevators are used for defense, but they’re used as raid towers too.

WAH! I can’t steal your stuff easily enough! Anything that makes stealing someone else’s stuff require effort and thought is a glitch or exploit and should be changed! I demand Facepunch change game mechanics to make stealing other people’s stuff easier than it already is!

BOOYAKASHAAA, nailed it.

Correct. Once all foundations are removed, the base is basically trash. A fair part will collapse and potentially drop some loot, but ultimately will leave an unrepairable floating structure that will be removed once the server is restarted. If you’re lucky, the tool cupboard will be in the part that collapses and you can build up to the floating wreck. But if not, you’ve just denied the owner of the base these items as well.

This is why my servers reboot every morning at 5am Eastern time when there are few players on. This drops buildings built like this. Of course I get a lot of “OMG ADMIN ABUES!1!!!11” but whatever.