How do I recompile a modified m_anm.mdl? (Proportion trick problem)

I started doing a custom playermodel some time ago, all went fine and even if it was my first, I was able to add giggle bones, bodygroups, skins, flexes and lip sinch with the mic, and as a plus it uses the proportion trick made by CaptainBigButt, all is fine and I fixed all the problems that comes with it, namely the legs flipping out when jumping or the whole stretching thing, which took me way too long than it should have, but let’s cut to the meat, the animation for crouching and sitting are broke, the pelvis goes through the ground, I searched for it and found a solution, nonetheless by CaptainBigButt, it’s making a new layer and adding it in the QC to all animations so it pushes up the pelvis, after some pondering I looked at one of CBB’s addons and in the QC there was the layer and how I was supposed to do it, then I make the layer, I extract m_anm.mdl with GCFScape and decompile it with Crowbar, I modify some animations just to see if they appear modified in game but when I recompile it, after about 3000 (precise number /s) of animations it comes up with this message:

 ERROR: c:\users\myname\desktop\bbbbbb - copia\decompiled 0.38\m_anm.qc(15080): - Load_Source( m_anm_anims\zombie_attack_01_base_layer.smd ) - overflowed g_numsources.ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'm_anm.mdl'

I searched and it means it’s too much for crowbar apparently, I saw one guy who said he would just cut the QC in 2 parts but when I did that it didn’t work either, as there will be some errors, which are caused because Crowbar is bad with animations (???), that’s the only answer I found.

MAIN QUESTION/S: How did CBB recompile the animations for that model? Am I doing it wrong? Is there a compiler to recompile them? HOW DO I RECOMPILE A MODIFIED M_ANM.MDL?! (that’s the title of the post! good callback)

I also tried decompiling and recompiling with about 100 other compilers but they are older than most people who play the game, and studiomdl SUCKS, I never understood the source hate until I tried it first hand…
Bonus if CBB answers this directly, I will post QC and full compile info if necessary, but I don’t think they are right now, since it is a “”""“simple”"""" question.

The proportions trick does not include recompiling animation files. See this for info about proportions trick:

The proportions trick itself doesn’t require recompiling any animations (that’s the whole reason that hacky workaround exists in the first place) but some of my most exaggerated models (chibis and papercraft) created exponential differences between standing and sitting or crouching that I lazily fixed. I just asked MaxofS2D for the files and he seemed willing at the time. I’ve ended up using them many times afterward to experiment with other things as well such as to add keyframe sounds for robot models, left 4 dead limping animation merging, and custom replacements for taunts. The files on his site aren’t relevant.

He’s got his e-mail in an info box here:

I’d send the files myself but for obvious reasons I don’t feel I’m at liberty to send someone else’s work. With that said, I don’t really use Facepunch anymore between me having DSL and no longer really having much of a need to. I accept just about all friend requests though in the event people still need help.

Thank you so much for this, just a thing, do we ask Maxofs2d for the file through email? I don’t want to be rude to him, since he does look like a busy person.

That’s what I would reccomend, yes.

The Garry’s Mod animation library sources are also hosted here: