How do I reduce the draw distance on my map?

I looked it up on Google and all it gave me was how to increase it in hammer, which I don’t need. I’ve been exploring the options in hammer and I haven’t found anything yet.

why would you want to decrease the draw distance? That makes everything those yellow boxes instead of the actual props…

I wanted it done for the details, not the props. The props are fine as far as I can tell, but the map’s details make you lag when you look at the distance.

He wants to reduce the draw distance for the brushes inside the map, not for the Hammer view of his map. (I’m his brother)

try some func_brush settings with fade out distance.

wouldn’t that be on the properties menu for the prop/brush-based entity you are using?


ninja’s be everywhere

Maybe far-z clip?

How do I adjust the fade out distance?