How Do i REGISTER AT Steam Or in site

Hey guys Do you Know How to Register at garrys mod or in steam cause i need to download in

In order to download from you will need a steam account which can be obtained by downloading the program here and completing the registration process, you will also need to purchase Garry’s mod, which I’m guessing you haven’t, you pirate.


so you have garrysmod but not a steam account
pirate die please

have you got garry’s mod on steam?

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guys, his english might just be bad, he might be asking how to obtain Garry’s Mod legitimately…

“just a wild guess”, the guy isnt very old and dosent understand that most people on this forum hates pirates. But he will learn sooner or later.

hey mang i’m just waiting for confirmation

after all those hours of L.A Noire I’ll put my 44. and a doughnut that he’s got a pirated version.

Give us a working link to your Steam account and I’ll help you.

Plus, he have only made one post.


god, this reminds me of something in tf2, but i dont want to get off topic

show us your steam account (picture of your games) and you will prove youre not a pirate

give me your username and password and i will check if he is a pirate guiz.

because i’m obviously the first one to say he’s a pirate.

it’s said once don’t say it forty fuckin times

Guys he doesn’t even have a steam account. He said he wants to download something, it could be possible that he’s a pirate. Plus he wasn’t online a day ago, the same time he made this thread, so I doubt he going to reply.

Why do you insist on pointing out the obvious?

you don’t know that for sure. his profile link doesn’t work, but it doesn’t 100% mean he doesn’t have a steam account. i’m not banning him until we can verify he’s a pirate.

Please, I got this.

OP, Which website did you download gmod off of?

Everyone on this thread is a post count whore sneaking in a +1 to shout “LOLZ PYRATES!”



I’m guessing what he is trying to say is he found a cool replacement skin or model on and doesn’t have GMod but is trying to use said model in Half Life 2 or its Episodes

I think he needs to get garrysmod and he thinks it’s at

Edit:At least thats what his post sounds like