How do I "Remove" a save?

I have the toybox and my son accidentally saved something I wish he hadn’t. How do I remove the saved item?

That’s alittle vague… did he upload something TO the toybox that you didn’t want him to? In your account?


He used the toybox. On that, we have saved maps and props and such. When you click on the Toolbox from the menu screen after starting a game, then click saves, it’s there.

How do I remove it from the saves listing? I.e. How do I “Unsave” it?

What did he save?

I think if you go into garrysmod/addons/toybox, you might be able to delete saves. Dunno though, I don’t use toybox. Afraid of new things, you see.

I don’t think you can, unless you could get Garry to do it somehow.

go to > C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps[yourname]\garrysmod\garrysmod\SAVE


Xenoyia :doh:

Those are for normal saves, not saves on Toybox

You can save stuff on toybox? :raise: I thought he was talking about ESC > Save

Nevermind; i’ve never used toybox before.

I think you need to ask Garry to remove it, I don’t know tbh.

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I’ve never used Toybox, afraid of something new comes.