How do i remove 'Dupes' and 'Saves' tab from Q menu?

Title says it all

I’ve also been wondering how to hide spawnmenu tabs as all the other stuff I’ve found is outdated or doesn’t work.

Go to Sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/content.lua

then put “–” in front of whatever you dont want in the Q menu

–include( ‘ContentTypes/NPCs.lua’ )
include( ‘ContentTypes/Weapons.lua’ )
include( ‘ContentTypes/Entities.lua’ )
–include( ‘ContentTypes/PostProcess.lua’ )
–include( ‘ContentTypes/Vehicles.lua’ )
–include( ‘ContentTypes/saves.lua’ )
–include( ‘ContentTypes/dupes.lua’ )

thank you bluebull, it worked