How do I remove tabs from the spawnlist?

How do I remove tabs from the spawnlist?
I want to remove some of these:

Like the TF2 one. I want it gone

You must never try to delete user generated Spawnlists.

If you want it gone for yourself, you can right click it and delete it.

Why not?

Would you want me to remove your workshop addons because I don’t like them?

Pretty sure he means only while you’re on a certain server… which I seem to remember a server doing to me before

What difference does it make? It’s not your content to remove, on your server or not.

Tbh that menu can be disabled with a function, and it is from the aspect and gamemode of sandbox. I see Garry’s Mod as a platform for completely custom gamemodes, so it really isn’t a problem unless you want to complain that TTT doesn’t have a spawn menu. And I’m pretty sure he is just talking about removing the tabs temporarily for the server and not actually editing the user’s personal tab layout.

How do I make a new tab (tab, not spawnlist) to spawn props?
Because editing spawnlist is complicated lol
Not sure if that way is better

Whats the point of removing that spawnlist, you can either spawn them via browse

You are perfectly in your rights to remove it from displaying while on your own server so long as you’re not actually removing it from a players game.

How many you expect to know how to do that, or to know the difference to begin with?

Either way, its wrong and you shouldn’t even be able do that. Want custom spawnlists for your server? Remove the first tab entirely and make a custom one.

Pretty sure no one is gonna swallow their keyboard if a tab is removed

How? :v:

Reverse engineering the spawnlist, you can do something like this

for k, v in pairs(g_SpawnMenu.CreateMenu.Items[1].Panel:GetChildren()[1].ContentNavBar.Tree:GetChildren()[1]:GetChildren()[1]:GetChildren()[4]:GetChildren()) do
    for a, b in pairs(v:GetChildren()[1]:GetChildren()) do
        if (b:GetText():lower():find("team fortress")) then

obviously this is nasty code and there’s a better way to do it, but you’ll need to access the spawnmenu’s children and such. I’m sure you’ll figure it out…

also the order of the parented items might vary, so don’t rely on my numbers.

I’m impressed by how far down you went to find that :v:

If your argument is based upon people not knowing how to do it in a way that doesn’t mess with peoples games then perhaps you should make it impossible to mess with peoples games in said way. Saying someone should customize their server in some manner is totally against what the game is about.

I think he’s just against the method of deleting the txt files from the user’s settings folder (which you can’t even do to my knowledge).


well I contradicted myself but whatever

The only problem I can think of is that: if the player makes any change in the spawn menu, the SAVE ALL button will appear. If they click it, boom, what you’ve removed is gone forever.

There are ways to disable that button from appearing. I’ve done it. Look through my started threads for a really old one about a year and a half ago, I’ve posted how.

My argument is that you shouldn’t be deleting spawnlists. If a user saves any changes to the undeleted spawnlists, they will lose the server deleted spawnlists permanently.

It is physically impossible to “make it impossible to mess with peoples games in said way”, unless we move part or the entire spawnmenu to C++.

Most of people such as the OP do not understand this or the facts that spawnlists are customizable and unique to each client, and that removing spawnlists doesn’t even accomplish anything.

There isn’t even any reason to delete them other than personal preference, which you can satisfy for yourself by changing your own spawnlists for yourself.

Can’t speak for OP, but back then I absolutely had a reason. Spawning had a whitelist (with some extra rules that I won’t get into), and a very limited one at that. The player had no reason to have access to his old lists because most of the props in then were unspawnable anyway.

The point is, you don’t know what people are doing with sandbox-derived gamemodes, and you shouldn’t make sweeping statements about them.