How Do I Remove the Gamemode Changer in Fretta?

Everytime the gamemode changer and I think the map changer gets no vote I get this error. I would like to know how i can remove the gmchanger and prevent the same thing happening with the map changer please.


When no map or gamemode is selected fretta picks a random gamemode then map, if I’m not mistaken I got that error when the game randomly selected a gamemode where I didn’t have any maps installed on the server for it

Oops didn’t this thread was in gmod general discussion

For me it doesn’t pick a random one it just breaks and yes i do have maps installed.

Hello Augs. I had found a solution to your problem.
its really simple. All you have to do is replaceyour fretta gamemode (gmodserverdirectory>garrysmod>gamemodes>[replace the fretta gamemode])
with this one:
hope it works :slight_smile:

Thanks i’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work. I get this now.

Ironically, your image doesn’t work either.

Should work now.

You’ll be better off asking in Developer Discussion.