How do I remove the gamevoter from fretta?

Everytime the gamemode changer and I think the map changer gets no vote I get this error. I would like to know how i can remove the gmchanger and prevent the same thing happening with the map changer please.

Use fretta13

Link plz?

couldnt find it :slight_smile:

First result :slight_smile:

K spanks you!!!

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Still doesn’t work Q-Q!!!

Are you sure it’s not the gamemode you’re using with fretta isn’t interfering with the voter in anyway? What gamemode are you trying to use?

It doesn’t work in Fretta13 and I haven’t found a fixed version as of now, I just removed it and made my own rtv system for maps, but I’m guessing you need a gamemode changer so I cannot help you sorry.

Well im using it for prophunt and i have some cs maps and about 3 custom maps. I don’t get how other servers can use it but i can’t Q-Q.

So no one knows how to fix this???